Capturing Candids - ...the images that recall the stories
"Kathi has been a part of our theatre family at Emmaus High School for over a decade.  She captures the beauty of each moment on stage and helps to preserve the memories of each production.  I treasure her contribution to our theatre program; she plays a vital role in our production process year after year."
                                                                                                                      Jill, Theatre Director @ Emmaus High School

"Kathi's photos are amazing and she is such a wonderful person to work with.  We appreciate how conscientious she is for capturing each student in the production, and she was so discreet during tech week, we hardly realized she was there.  We couldn't believe her turn-around time, either.  She shot photos during dress rehearsal and had them on display and available to purchase opening night!  Kathi always manages to catch the essence of the show in her shots - the emotion the presence, it's all there.  We  would recommend her without hesitation, and look forward to working with her again."
                                                                                                 Denise & Ariel, Theatre Co-Directors @ St. Ann School

"Kathi's photographic services to our theatre program are wonderful.  Not only is she professional, but her warmth and laughter help fill our tech runs with energy.  She is very conscientious about representing everyone in the show.  The way she captures color, emotion, and action have me asking season after season: 'how did she get that?'"
                                                                                         Patrick,  Theatre Director @ Lower Macungie Middle School

"The book is GORGEOUS!  Such beautiful shots.  Very colorful and the expressions on the students fit their roles perfectly."                                                                                             Alene, Southern Lehigh High School

" Before the last show, I spoke with my daughter about the gift of live performance.  One of the things I said is that it cannot be truly captured.... I stand corrected.  Your amazing collection of candid shots allows me to relive the feeling of the show.  To see each of the kids highlighted, in such a beautiful collection in the commemorative book is a gift. I cannot say enough about how you captured them, your skill in putting together the format and the ultimate presentation of the book will be a treasured keepsake for all of us."
                                                                                              Wendy, parent of student actress @ Emmaus High School

"We highly recommend having Kathi capture your special event.  Kathi didn't just photograph our wedding, she captured our story in pictures.  She has a careful attention to detail but was unobtrusive to our guests.  In addition, she was always available during planning, whether by phone, e-mail or meeting in person at our house - and she was always timely.  The book Kathi provides is a unique keepsake of our special day as well as a reminder of the tedious effort it took to create it.  We couldn't be happier."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Danny & JoAnn,  Emmaus
"Kathi was the photographer at our son's wedding in June. Not only did she take exquisite posed photographs, she discreetly captured the spirit of the day as well. Some of her best shots were taken when the subjects were totally unaware. She gave us so many memories to treasure forever! Kathi is professional and discreet; her manner is always unobtrusive. On our day, she followed our wishes and went above and beyond what any of us expected. The quality of the pictures themselves is amazing. We have seen wedding albums of others who paid far more than we did, but the pictures lack the professional quality that ours exude. The love and commitment between our son and his bride is evidenced in every picture of the couple. Kathi has superior talent and a caring heart; it was a pleasure to deal with her. Our family is grateful that she was willing to be a part of our special day and for her commitment to excellence. "
Carol & Jim , Northampton
"I definitely think you catured the day and the happiness felt by everyone.
The video is absolutely beautiful. What a great idea and it was wonderful to be able to share with friends so soon after the wedding. I have shared it with many people and the response is always positive with comments like, "that was the best video ever, everyone is so happy, beautiful, great pictures" etc. I watch the video often to relive the day - it really is a treasure."
Louise, Hamburg
"These pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I just love what you captured! I am so glad we did this - I really feel like my children's personalities are magically revealed in these pictures. You lose so much of that with formal poses! The black and white pictures are stunning - I can't even begin to pick a favorite. There are two pictures of Mackenzie where the sun is hitting the side of her face - those are some of my many favorites. They show perfectly the nature of who she is and are simply gorgeous. You gave me more than I could have hoped for or expected - the magical moments of my children and the unique and amazing qualities that make them who they are will be forever seen in these candid moments. Thank you so very much - you will be our photographer of choice for years to come! "
Alana, Poconos
"Kathi truly captured the joy of my daughter and niece at play.  She was a comfortable, non-threatening presence in their environment and capitalized on their personalities and interests, using natural lighting and landscaping to enhance the beauty of the photographs.  The experience was a positive one for my daughter and far surpassed any session I have had in a studio, in both process and final product.  I plan to make Kathi's candids an integral part of the documentation and celebration of my daughter's childhood."
Jill, Emmaus